Monday, October 29, 2007

Craigslist Job Seeker Killed

I firmly believe in using social media and new media tools in our job searches; tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Craigslist. These and several others make it easier than ever to connect with people.

Having said that, we still need to be careful, as Steven Rothberg from College mentions:

Front page news in the Minneapolis newspapers over the past couple of days has been the killing of Katherine Ann Olson. While any murder is tragic, this one is noteworthy to employers and job seekers alike because it appears to be related to the victim's use of Craiglist to find a nanny position.

Ms. Olson was looking for a nanny job. She had successfully used Craigslist before and so searched it again. She found an ad of interest responded. She told her roommate that she was going to meet the family from the ad. After she didn't come home, police initiated a search and found her dead in the trunk of her car at a park in Burnsville, Minnesota late Friday night.
I believe in the power of meeting up face-to-face with others, but I also strongly believe that these meetings must occur in public places like food courts at shopping malls or coffee shops, especially when meeting up for the first time.

What about you? What do make of all this? Join the conversation below.

Update: Craigslist scam avoidance tips

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Mon said...

I constantly hear people go on about its not what you know its who who know which makes me somewhat apprehensive about the 4 years I have spent at university. I am currently using a job search site called which allows you to search for jobs and network with people who have similar interests. Will make a point not to meet them until I have checked them out after that story though