Friday, October 12, 2007

Considering a job offer

Good morning, you wonderful people!

I have a decision I need to make about a job change very soon - even today. I was given a consulting-type job offer that I'm seriously considering.

So many things point to it being good; a lot of the opposites to my current position.

I'm working through concerns over whether I can really do this new job, because it's different from what I've been doing. You see, in my current position, I get to be creative, and I've learned THAT is one of my strongest motivators.

I'm not sure that exists with this new job. But I'm considering taking it and then looking for something creative as a hobby outside of work. I mean, I already have creative hobbies outside of work, but continuing with them.

Another thing that strongly motivates me is that I can really do a good job at what I've been tasked to do; i.e., I want to set myself up for success in the work I do.

As I type that last sentence, it almost sounds like I'm limiting myself - maybe I am. In most of my adult life, I've not been one to take many risks, especially since I'm the primary breadwinner of our family.

Yet I can't help think that this could be the Lord prompting me to "get out of the boat."

I appreciate your thoughts and prayers and comments.

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Brian said...

Dan - Making any big decision is the result of weighing pros and cons on either side. We normally like to stick with what we know, so your fear of trying something new is normal. Usually that fear gets more credit than necessary. I hope your decision either way has the results you want. Good luck!

Daniel said...

Thanks, Brian!

I'm seriously counting the cost when evaluating this job prospect, especially since I'm the primary breadwinner in the family. I have to make sure I completely understand what's going on and plow through concerns and evaluate expectations.

It's a great time for personal growth, to be sure!

GuruWatch said...

Dan, you're obviously in tune with the big man upstairs after ready some of your many great posts.

Do what feels right for your family first, the rest will take care of itself. Good Luck!

Khaled said...

Hi Dan,

I have been facing the same problem recently, but i opted to keep on searching for a job that is similar to my recent job. Luckily there was a portal like It really made my life easier as it gave me several options.


Daniel said...


Thanks for the comment. I liked how you put in the plug for the website. ;-)

Your Career Advisor said...

I my experience "creativity" is an asset for someone who is looking for a career, not just a job. As a consultant that creativity may be your ticket to excelling.