Sunday, July 08, 2007

A little link-love...

... could go a long way.

reaching down1
reaching down1,
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I've noticed a number of interesting websites linking back here, lately:
  • Open Future©: John S. Veitch from New Zealand includes this blog in a section entitled "People With Ideas" - I consider that a compliment.

  • Work in Progress: Lisa Takeuchi Cullen is a New York-based staff writer for TIME. She writes about workplace trends. I'm encouraged to be among the blogroll.

  • The Job Blog: A set of regularly updated links to jobs and career information from around the web, coming via the Boston Globe's web site.

  • Water Cooler Wisdom: Alexandra Levit's up-to-the-minute career advice from one who has survived the trenches.

  • Wired and Hired: written by recruiters to help professionals navigate changing jobs in marketing, p.r., and advertising careers.
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