Friday, July 13, 2007

It's A Mashup World for Job Seekers

Welcome to the world of mashups. I first came to understand that term as applied to mixing up different kinds of music when I started listening to podcasts back in July 2005. Now the term applies to mixing up all kinds of media, including feeds from different websites.

Have you heard of Yahoo! Pipes? This is a website that lets you set up and create your own mashups of information from different websites. For example, there's a pipe that finds videos on YouTube related to items on the front page of the New York Times. Another pipes searches YouTube for music videos for the top 10 songs found on iTunes.

yahoo pipes web2.0 mashup
An interesting thing about these pipes is that you can subscribe to the RSS feed in an aggregator such as Google Reader or Bloglines.

While browsing Yahoo! Pipes earlier today, I found some that others have created that relate to job searching. Check them out, and, by all means, use.What tools have you found useful to you in your job search? Let me know.

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