Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Keeping the Career Manager Mindset While Employed

Here's a thought to consider, which I'm just throwing out here without a lot of proofreading or editing: you just got or have been working at a job working as a full-time employee. With benefits and a regular salary. How can you maintain the "consultant/independent contractor" mentality now that you've become part of such an organization? I'd like to know what ways work to stay in that "I'm my own career manager" mindset.

Feel free to comment.

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Anna said...

Hi Dan, I think the way to do that is to always be thinking about what will help you continue to advance professionally (within or beyond the current job). For example, always be thinking about what new skills you can (further) develop in order to progress... and in turn what new projects/assignments/courses will help you develop those skills. And keep the "I am in control of my own career" mindset - it's essential in this day and age, where the company's loyalty to you is often much less than your loyalty to it!

Dan said...

Thanks, Anna!