Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Employee Rights on Findlaw

I was searching for legal information on employee agreements and came upon the Employee Rights Center at I must check this stuff out. It looks like they have resources available to the public related to all aspects of the job searching and employment process.

Speaking of employee agreements, and the reason why I did the search in the first place, I'm wondering what the legal ramifications of striking out certain items of an employee agreement are.

Anyone out there with knowledge in this area?

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Brenda said...

Hi, Dan. I'm a lawyer in Ontario, Canada, so I can't really give you advice about U.S. law. However, I can say be very careful about what you delete from an employment contract. It can come back to bite you later on if you don't know the legal reasons/protections behind the contractual provision. It is best you seek some legal advice (and this is not a commercial for lawyers -- rather, a caution for a lawyer who knows employment contracts and the pitfalls well!).