Monday, December 11, 2006

Would You Apply for Jobs Beyond Your Expertise?

Question for you all out there...

Would you send in a resume to apply for a job, even though you know you're not a good match for it, just to get in the door?

I was just browsing a job that requires skills that I don't have, and I considered sending a resume in anyway. I'm presently thinking that's not the best way to have my resume seen by someone.

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Sam said...

I apply to any job that I feel is something I would enjoy doing, regardless of whether or not I am qualified. I applied to be the General Manager of the Boston Red Sox when Theo Epstein's contract negotiations fell through. Did I get a call? No.

But, what did I lose? I wrote a well-crafted cover letter and actually thought about what it would take to manage a major league baseball franchise.

Don't ever be afraid to go for it. What are people going to do - tell you no thanks?