Thursday, October 19, 2006

Not Alone in the Job Search

Last night we were at a meeting with some people from church, and a group of us went off to pray. We went around the room, each sharing what's been going on and what our prayer needs are. I found it interesting that a number of us have job changes going on, details that follow after the jump:

  • K., who is trying to get his family here to the United States and is concerned because he is a temporary worker;
  • S., who is interviewing with a direct competitor of his company, and so is needing to keep things "on the down low" for time being;
  • C., who is looking for a lateral move in her company, just to get away from a negative job situation; and
  • Me, with my eyes open and ready for whatever opportunities lie in store, either through independent contracting or a full-time job at a company
Each of these needs is real and very personal. Knowing that we're all in this together, that we can understand and relate, is very encouraging for me. I want success not just for myself but also for others.

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Jason Alba said...

Hey Dan, this is a great little post that I think lots of folks don't realize because so many people don't talk about it. When I got laid off in January I was *AMAZED* at how many of our good friends came with thier personal stories about their 1+ years unemployed, or other hard transitions, or concerns about their current job stability, etc. This seems to be something of a taboo topic but it was not uncommon. Thx for sharing this.

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