Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Hate Cover Letters

Seriously. I do. All the effort taken to write one just for the slight chance that it might get into a hiring manager's hands and convince him or her to read the resume just doesn't seem worth it.

I'd rather just do what I just did. I sent my resume via email with something along the lines of the following (after the jump):

I've attached my resume for the _________ position, confident that I can help fill the need you have.

Please contact me at __________ so we can discuss further how I might be a match.


Dan Johnson
Resumes and cover letters only tell one side of the story, and I can understand that they have their purpose from a hiring perspective. I hate just blindly sending something into an unknown individual. It feels like I'm flushing it down the toilet.

Am I being too cynical?

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reinkefj said...

Yes, you are missing a chance to express your Unique Value Equation. The resume's only purpose is to get an interview. The cover letter's only purpose is to get the reader to advance your resume to the hiring manager or screener. So let's assume that some poor admin or coop is assigned to open all the HR mail and sort it appropriately. So your cover letter should scream out how you meet the need. imho