Monday, March 28, 2005

Why people are unhappy at work

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Do you remember your first day on the job? For many of us, there was probably a lot of excitement and maybe some nervousness. Once that goes away, there is usually a lot of enjoyment with a job. But over time, boredom starts to set in and people start to just go through the motions, according to recent reports. It’s become such a problem that academics are writing about it. Two recent books are The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave: How to Recognize the Subtle Signs and Act Before It's Too Late and “Staying and Becoming Less Engaged Every Day.” Employees are the ambassadors of our employers, and if we feel no connection, we suffer and the company suffers. So, why do we start not caring about our jobs? The No. 1 reason in Clark’s opinion is that companies stop caring about the employees. So, remember that if you are an executive or a supervisor. Make the work environment fun and let people know they are appreciated. That doesn’t mean more money. Words of praise usually matter much more.
While I could not find a link to the second book Clark mentions, I did find a link to a related story: Reaching the breaking point in your job

Clark Howard Show Notes for Monday, March 21, 2005

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