Friday, March 25, 2005

Every Job Seeker Has a Story

Liz Ryan from Business Week Online shares an interesting perspective on making sure your resume tells your story.

"The human need for stories should be a vital clue to job-hunters, whose resumes often have as much dramatic punch as the back of a cereal box. Your resume is your marketing brochure, folks. It has to tell your story."

Read more from her article: Multi-Story Resume, Higher Profile

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning that story-telling article. Here are my three biggest complaints about most resumes:

1) They're too long.
2) They're boring.
3) They tell us what we don't need to know, for instance, the typical tasks in a Marketing Research Manager's job description.

Doy! Tell us what you ACCOMPLISHED as a Marketing Research Manager. Tell us something cool about yourself. One of my favorite resumes is from a Controller, who lists on his resume, way down at the bottom, this note:

Unusually wicked sense of humor for a Finance type.

You'd have to hire that guy.
Liz Ryan
Business Week online
Founder, CEO