Monday, October 04, 2004

When A Former Employer Comes A-Calling

Today I received a letter from a former employer, who has invited me and other "alumni" to a company reunion early next month. I was a bit surprised, considering the circumstances surrounding our parting ways.

Why would the company be doing this? They are promoting this event as "a great opportunity to reconnect with former colleagues and friends." They are also asking invitees to bring a business card or fill out a contact info card to be entered in a free drawing.

I've realized that this is a great networking opportunity for the company to get contacts from potential clients. Who else knows about the company's capabilities better than its former employees?

That got me to think about how this opportunity can be used to my benefit as a job seeker? It might be too much for me to think I could land a position with my former company, but I still could network and discover other opportunities.

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