Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ready to Get That Job? Re-energize your Campaign

Are you doing the same old thing in pursuit of that great new job? During my own journey through the "transition-zone", I re-energized my campaign on a frequent basis. Sound easy right? It is. First - stop and take a break and reflect on what worked well for you and what did not. Holidays are often a great time for this, as the job market slows as the holiday approaches and for days after.

Use this break time (or anytime) to try something new. Attend a different type of network event, where you might not know as many people. Take yourself out of the comfort zone.

And consider taking a quick holiday! Getting That Job is hard work - maybe harder than working at that job. You need to be focused and sharp to win that interview. The look of desperation or frustration will hurt you chances considerably. Walking away from your search for a few days is time well spent.

Next week we'll tear apart some resumes and get folks re-focused on PAR. To read ahead click here and here.

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