Friday, July 02, 2004

Job Search Tip: Set up automated job search agents

Looking at the lead sources you have targeted for your job search, these sources most likely include job banks, classifieds, recruiters, discussion lists, newsgroups, etc. Select a number of key sites that you feel would be of assistance, and set up automated job search agents to search for you daily/weekly and email you the results. This ensures that you are not missing any key job postings, and also gives you an action item first thing every morning (review the jobs that have been emailed to you and respond to the ones that are interesting). Setting up job search agents is a free and easy way to give yourself an edge in your job search. Some of the sites that I recommend looking at and setting up automated agents for include:

Once you have your agents set up, it's merely a matter of staying on top of reviewing and responding to the postings as they come in. If you are tracking your job search using JobFiler or another job search organizer, you can also get a sense for which sites are bringing you the best leads over time, as well as which job sites are posting the same old tired jobs, week after week.

For more job search tips and advice, check out Jobfiler's job search support forums, where you can post your job search related question in our Q&A section and have your question answered by a professional career coach.

Happy Hunting!

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