Thursday, May 27, 2004

Some encouraging comments from a reader

Thanks, Jen!

Jen gave us some encouraging comments recently:

I just wanted to commend the creators on a wonderful job with this blog. I graduated from a prestigious university in 2003, spent 6 months job searching before I finally found something that I was content with. Unfortunately that was temporary, and then I ended up with another temp job, and the owner turned out to be a complete psycho (i filed harassment against him, and he hasn't paid me for the last month that I worked -- and it's been 2 months now). Anyways, to the person who just completed their 500th resume... I feel your pain. Unemployment is awful -- especially when you're not eligible for unemployment benefits and you can't pay your rent. *sigh* Alright I'm ending it here... feel free to visit my blog-- there's been a lot of job-search related frustrations lately. :) GoodLuck!

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