Friday, December 05, 2003

Wanted: Your Job Hunting Success Stories

However it is that you got to this weblog, I'm encouraged that you've stopped by. Hopefully, you'll find what you're looking for.

Now, let me take this moment to ask you for something. I want to let others know about how you have successfully found a job. This may sound odd, especially if you're currently between jobs. Nevertheless, you probably have had a job before, and I (and I'm sure that many others) would like to know how you got it.

It may be your current one or a previous one - it doesn't matter. I want to encourage other job seekers with your success. You will receive no reimbursement from this, except for the gratification that your story has helped to inspire countless others who are where you once were.

Be specific, but don't mention any company names. That may sound like a contradiction in terms, and you may disagree with this approach - let me know and I may reconsider. Instead, use a generic title, such as "software development consulting company", "global consumer products company", and so on. If you would like some help, then let me know.

I will only use your initials or first name and last initial when presenting your success story. I am specifically interested in answers to the following:

  • What position were you applying for?
  • How did you contact the particular company?
  • Describe the interviewing process.
  • Did you work part-time or as a contractor/consultant with the company before being hired?
  • How long was the process from your first contact with the company to your first day of work?
  • Describe your emotional state during the process. Were you anxious? Excited? Stressed? Impatient? Frustrated? Let us know.

So email me your job hunting success stories at danimal0416[nospam] the [nospam], of course), and we'll get them published here at "Get That Job!"


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