Friday, December 05, 2003

Jobs Growth in Nov. Slower Than Expected

While that doesn't sound too encouraging by itself, I'd like to point to these paragraphs from the article:

The jobs market has been a weak link in the recovery, with companies hesitant to hire new, full-time workers out of concern that the improvements wouldn't last. Instead, employers worked their employees longer and harder, sending productivity to a two-decade high last quarter.

In Friday's jobs report, the services sector continued to drive employment gains, with health care and social services jumping by 25,000 in November. Hotels and lodging facilities created 13,000 new positions. Hiring also occurred in education, government and professional and business services.

In the goods-producing category, construction employment was up last month by 10,000.
Articles such as these are meant to describe overall trends, from a macroeconomic perspective. Jobs are available, and your particular circumstances may or may not be affected by what's reported nationally.

Go Get That Job!

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