Friday, June 20, 2003

Tech Thursday Wrap Up

I went to Buffalo Wild Wings this evening (Thursday - haven't gone to bed yet) for the Tech Thursday event put on by the Greater Dayton IT Alliance. The restaurant had recently installed a wireless networking system (I don't know the tech term for it.), and we all wanted to see what it was like.

I was impressed. There were approximately 20 laptops connected, and the speed was 1 MB per second! I showed one of the guys my fotolog as a test of a page with some pictures. It downloaded in a fraction of a second. Pretty cool stuff.

I also met some other folks who are looking for work. One guy pointed me to the single job posting source for Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus, Ohio! I've added it to the link roll, where it should be aptly put.

Actually, I headed over to the bar and picked up an NTN game player. The guy who sat down next to me was an unemployed CFO - Chief Financial Officer. I suppose there's not a big demand for folks fitting that job description in the Dayton area, huh?

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