Friday, August 08, 2008

JobVent - Read Job Reviews and Rate Your Job

Have you ever wanted to tell folks how you really feel about your job?

Have you ever wondered what people working for a company you're looking to join feel about it?

JobVent shares anonymous stories from people who love their jobs and from people who hate their jobs.

There are rules for posting experiences, as indicated in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page: individuals must enter enough comments to justify the ratings, and they must indicate the real city and state where they work.

If you're thinking of applying to a particular company, it might be worthwhile to see if it is on this list and read what other employees have had to say.

Hat-tip to Kevin Dugan and Jennifer McClure for pointing this out on Twitter!

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Cashmere JL said...

Sounds like a good idea to keep the names hidden, or else a lot of people will be pushing their sample resumes in other offices.

Anonymous said...

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Sydney jobs said...

A job seeker looking to join for a company usually doesn't know the working environment in the company until they work there. I think visiting websites like JobVent would help job seekers in making their decision to join a company since they would become more aware about the working environment in the company.

David said...

Jobvent seems like a great tool to review a company before you apply to work there. Who knows a company atmosphere better than the people who work there already!