Friday, June 29, 2007

Read local business journals for market info potential leads

Do you read the local business journal the city where you live or want to work? Years ago I started doing that, just to see what companies are doing in the area and as a potential source for job leads, a way to get an understanding of the job market. I can't remember whether the Cincinnati Business Courier does it, but the Dayton Business Journal publishes these lists every week of fastest growing companies, top minority-owned businesses, etc. I liked looking at those lists because it gave the name of the top official as well as other relevant information for generating leads.

I'm currently have the RSS feed for the Cincinnati Business Courier's Breaking News in my Bloglines collection. I often don't know what to make of some of the information I read, though.

On one hand I hear that unemployment rates are up slightly, but then I read that the job market for IT professionals is pretty good. I even saw this morning that Cincinnati is ranked 18th on Forbes magazine recent Best Cities for Young Professionals list.

Does it seem confusing to you? It does to me, sometimes. Then I look at the details and see that the unemployment article is talking about Ohio metro areas overall. I guess that's what we need to do - look at the details a bit more closely.

Also, I think it's a good idea not to let negative information put a cloud over your job search efforts. Doing so can lead to making excuses. You'll be tempted, as I am, to think and say things like, "Oh, the job market's just down; that's why I'm not able to find work." Let's think and believe bigger than that.

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