Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Run a background check on yourself

Clark Howard, syndicated columnist, radio show host, and consumer warrior, provides resources for running a background check on yourself so that you can see what prospective employers and college admissions officers might find out about you. You may have seen this information in the Wall Street Journal.

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Rachel said...

This is an interesting idea. In addition, I think it could help if you just run your name through some search engines and see what comes up and what the sources of information is.

Daniel said...


Thanks for the comment. I completely agree. I'm a strong believer in personal branding, so that folks can be proactive about what gets returned in search engines.

For example, I like that, aside from a Canadian politician, the top results when Googling "Daniel Johnson, Jr." are related to me.

Please keep in touch!

Aaron said...

Hey Dan,

First off, let me say that your blog is a great resource for all job-seekers such as myself. I am actually moving to Cincinnati, OH in mid-August/Sept and I'm looking for a Finance-related job. Unfortunately, as per your post, I've seen that finance jobs have slowed down in the Cincy area...and after searching on several job boards, I definitely agree. Any suggestions on any other measures I can take to ensure I get a job by t hen? Any placement/staffing agencies you would personally recommend? It's a lot harder for me since I'm an entry-level financial analyst but I have 1 year work experience in consulting. Thanks for any help/advice you can provide!

- Aaron

Daniel said...

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for the comments and welcome to Cincinnati. I would love to connect with you outside of the blog so that we could chat more extensively. Send me an email if you want: danieljohnsonjr at gmail dot com.

The biggest thing I can recommend to you here is to tap into your network of friends, family, former colleagues, instructors, etc.

Sign up for a LinkedIn account and a JibberJobber account (see the buttons in the sidebar).

Anonymous said...

Hey There!
I'm wondering if you can help me:

I would like to run the same background check on myself that a school system would run on me - Any suggestions?

Criminal Background Check said...

The other thing not mentioned is be cautious about what you put online, this can hamper you just as quickly as a background check. This can include your MySpace, Facebook and other social media websites. Some companies may even go as far as declining a job because of their stated political beliefs. Cheers.

Chris said...


One more site that does good Online Background Checks is

Just a thought,


Public Records said...

Nice Idea, I'll Try to check my name, maybe i have a same name somewhere here. who knows, maybe hes a criminal... i'll be dead if thats happen


Reverse Cell Phone Lookup said...

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