Thursday, April 12, 2007

SUCCESS STORY - Getting a job despite your efforts not to

Sometimes the need is just so great that the company will jump through hoops to get and retain you, despite efforts you might make to the contrary.

I talked with a woman today who does Accounts Receivables about how she got her current job. She did that work for a group of doctor's offices before she went on maternity leave. She wound up finishing her Accounting degree before she came off leave, so she opted to look for a full-time job outside of her job with the doctor's offices.

She said she applied everywhere and doesn't remember when she was contacted by the recruiter who was hiring for her current position. Then when it came time for the interview, she had to reschedule a couple of times.

While on the job for awhile, the company came in and eliminated half of the department. Thinking her own job was in jeopardy, she found another one and put in her notice. The VP of Operations begged her to stay and sent a message to her boss demanding that she give the accountant a raise.

Please share your own job-hunting success stories here so everyone can know they too can Get That Job!

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AlmostGotIt said...

Our blogs have very similar titles! I stumbled upon you today and glad I did, for an upcoming "LINKS!" post I'm working on. I am WAITING for my own success story, but meanwhile we are fellow comrades-at-arms, in my opinion. Come visit sometime!

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Anonymous said...

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