Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How To Knock Them Dead In An Interview

From the One Minute How-To Podcast via, here is some advice on how to leave a great impression during your job interview.

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Anonymous said...

I know you only had a minute with that audio post and the information was very useful - but something we believe is key during and interview is to use FAB's - Feature, Advantage, Benefit statements. In other words, describe one of your strong points, then let the employer know what that brings to business, finally tell them the benefit you will add to their organization with this feature.

When you prepare yourself for an interview with this process you will not have to memorize answers to a million interview questions. The answers will come more naturally. Here is an example: I have strong relationship building skills, this allows me to quickly form alliances with strategic partners, which is beneficial in ensuring long term revenue producing relationships.

Also, if you are asked a question that you do not have an answer to - never say "I don't know", and leave it at that. The process of how you think is important here. Think out loud, brainstorm, provide solution type answers.

Robin Ogden