Friday, February 09, 2007

Get That Job! Online Makeover

If you've been around this blog throughout its nearly 5-year history, you'll know that the general layout hasn't changed that much.

Get That Job! from April 2006

Until today. I encourage you, if you're getting this content via an RSS subscription to stop by the website at to see how it looks.

Some great things you'll find over there are

  • Larger font size, wider layout, and white background
  • Category list
  • Blog archive by year and month (love those twisties!) - did I really have 416 posts in 2003? Wow.
Let me know what you think - I'm not necessarily sold on the template layout just yet, but it's a nice change.

By the way, here's what looked like at the very beginning:

Get That Job! from February 2003

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