Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Your Job Searching Success Story - with a Prescription

One thing I love about maintaining this blog is to present job-hunting success stories. They inspire us all, and we need the encouragement to know that success is available for us.

Instead of sharing one right here, I offer a prescription in bold, capital letters: GO SEE "THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS".

Here's a direct quotation from the IMDB User Comments page for the movie:

Chris is shown running throughout the movie. Remember the title of the movie: "The PURSUIT of Happiness." Chris places emphasis on "pursuit." Jefferson, when he penned the Declaration of Independence, did not promise Americans happiness, but only the right to pursue it. Chris says, at one point in the movie, paraphrase, "I am happy right now. It is a fleeting moment." We experience happiness in eyeblinks. The rest of the time we, like Chris, are chasing after it.
There will be some heart-wrenching moments that might make you feel uncomfortable, because of how real the circumstances are portrayed. But I think it behooves any job seeker to see this movie. Maybe even more than once.

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