Tuesday, July 25, 2006

How Do You Relieve Stress?

An open-ended question for all you out there...

What do you do to relieve stress, whether on the job or on the job hunt? I've found that I've engaged in constructive behavior as well as destructive behavior.

On the constructive side, I've been doing more walking over the summer. I've found that walking the dog and listening to podcasts on my portable media player have been very enjoyable. I feel good because I'm exercising, and I'm doing other things as well. Good to get away from the computer or otherwise out of the home.

On the destructive side, I've engaged in other habits that bring only temporary emotional relief. In other words, I've directed the energy back on myself. I don't want to be too specific here in this forum on that.

What about you all?


Sri Sb said...

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carlo!35 said...

Stress has always been a problem for a lot of people. Its worrisome and bothersome. It is also found that stress causes ulcers. The best way to handle stress is have a good diet and enough excercise. Spas are also good for stress-relief.

Mad Kane said...

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Zohar said...

I could go on about this for a while, but here are two quick thoughts to consider.

1) When you're happy you're not stressed. The best ways to be happy are:
A) self-expression: opportunities for you to be you. unchecked. uncensored. just you doing something that comes to you naturally.
B) self-care: doing things that rejuvenate your physical, emotional, spiritual well-being. Could be better sleep, exercise, vacation, saying 'no'.

2) While there are many ways to reduce stress, not enough focus is placed at the root of it - our agitation that our situation isn't the way we want it to be.

More on my site and blog.

Anonymous said...

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