Thursday, June 29, 2006

When People Need to Leave the Company

I believe having to terminate someone's employment is one of the toughest things a manager has to do from time to time, especially if a somewhat good working relationship had existed beforehand.

In my company when people get terminated, they try to do it privately, making sure to escort the employee out of the building. I was unfortunately able to witness one of these occasions last December. That brings me to the question of timing.

(Once again, I feel the need to express that this is my own personal opinion and not that of my employer.)

One person in my company was let go the week of Christmas last year. Another two were let go right around their birthdays. Not really good timing, in my opinion. But then again, when is a good time to let someone go?

I think our company's practice of escorting the person out of the building is a good one, because it minimizes the potential for sabotage. However, an abrupt departure like that also means that no one is there to tie up loose ends or to provide any type of knowledge transfer.

Then again, why would a terminated employee feel obligated to so something like that? Perhaps if there was something else being provided - a severance package, or some outplacement, perhaps.

And then, on a more humorous note perhaps, there are those who opt to leave voluntarily...

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