Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Three Things Every Recruiter Looks For In A Resume

There are three things every recruiter looks for in a resume:

- Focus
- Core competencies or transferable skills
- Accomplishments

If your resume lacks any of these crucial elements, then you are probably not capturing the attention you deserve, and you are missing out on important interview opportunities.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, I found it helpful. I also found this other article on resume style and organization:
I have about 5 different versions of my resume! I think these two bits of info put together will help me shape up one perfect one!

Monty Loree said...

I've hired a few people over the years.

One thing I look for is people are interested in working for me. If they call back and express their interest, I'll take a second look at them... Ultimately jobs are a relationship between the employer and employee. Employees have to genuinely like the employer as much as the employer likes them.

I recommend people to call back people they've interviewed with thanking them for the interview. Also tell prospective employers that you're really interested in working for them.

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Max Leibman said...

That's a great article--one of the best concise statements on how to structure a resume I've seen.

The one argument I'd make is in the "focus" section, it advocates for a strongly focussed objective statement.

I'm strongly in the camp of KILL THE DARN OBJECTIVE ALL-TOGETHER. Replace it with a brief skills summary or value statement. The principle of focus the article advocates is fine, but there are better vehicles than an objective; the objective statement at best doesn't hurt, and at worst does all kinds of damage.

ITZoom: email for IT Professionals said...

Absolutely agree with your comments about identifying core competencies as early as possible.

Job-seekers need to grab the attention of potential employers from the outset and they need to provide relevant information to do it.

The trick is to get your 'foot in in the door', otherwise it does'nt matter what skills or expertise you have - you won't get the opportunity to sell yourself.

Great article and very pertinent.