Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Companies starting 'no fault' attendance programs

This comes to us from the folks at ClarkHoward.com:

Clark usually has trouble with his voice this time of year because of allergies to the pollen in the air. He has missed no work because of it and feels very lucky because of that. He is also grateful for the fact that, when he is sick, his employer understands and gives him a day to rest. But many employers are not so generous these days. According to the Chicago Tribune, the trend in corporate America is to punish workers for taking sick days. The companies participating in these “no fault attendance programs” give points or demerits for taking sick days. And if you get too many, you could be suspended or even fired. Arriving late to work is also penalized with points. Some banks and utility companies have these policies, and they claim that it eliminates favoritism and judgment on the part of supervisors and managers. Yes, some people deserve to be penalized for calling in sick when they are not. But these companies are punishing everyone for the behavior of a few. And, sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone is truly “sick” or not. Clark’s solution is to eliminate sick pay all together and just allow employees a certain number of days off each year.
via Clark Howard Show Notes Monday, April 25

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