Thursday, January 06, 2005

Job-Hunting Success Story - Dan

NOTE: This blog is a great forum for you to share your job-hunting success stories. Please e-mail them to me at Dan's e-mail address at, and I'll post them here. Now for my recent success story...

Isn't it great when the job finds you?

Maintaining my network is how I landed my most recent position. Today I started some temp work in a fledgling IT department for a local Professional Employer Services(PES) company.

I first met J. seven years ago when I did some consulting work for his boss at the time. I helped him out here and there with some computer programming tips. We'd eat lunch together from time to time, and, at the end of the assignment, we exchanged e-mail addresses.

A couple years later he contacted me to do some consulting work in the same department. He had been promoted to a different position. The company I where I was working got the job and sent me there to do the work.

About a year later, J. contacted me because he'd left his former company to partner with someone else in a construction services company. He'd seen evidence of my web development, and he had me design and develop the company's website.

Now, he's the Chief Financial Officer for this PES company. It's been ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in the Dayton Business Journal and in Inc. magazine. He contacted me this week, and I'm now employed to help with some IT-related work.

And who knows where this might lead?


Anonymous said...

How did you come in contact with him since he was in DC? Did he work in Dayton also?

Dan said...

To the Anonymous commentor: I don't think I understand who you mean.

Anonymous said...

am another anonymous...well...I guess being around and working with the right people helps..people who would support you and remember you for the good work u did