Tuesday, December 14, 2004

New to the Blogroll: Talent Power!

Quelle chance! A job-hunting blog en français! Specifically, Ressources humaines & Entreprises pour demain.


Anonymous said...

An other french RH blog that belong to the jobboard CarriereOnline.com

The blog adress : http://carriereonline.typepad.com

Let's get in contact !

David.G said...

Bonjour "get that job !"

thanks for your link to my blog !

His purpose is to exchange views on a new relationship between human resources (are we only resource?) and firms (do we need resources only ?). I'm trying to put emphazise on the idea that talent power is a way for individuals to drive their professional life, but also for companies to improve their creativity and efficiency.

I'll be more than happy to welcome you. Especially now as I have put in place the google's automatic translation service from French to English. Not perfect but should be useful :-)

PS : Anonymous is sometime wrong, Talent power not belong to carriereonline.