Saturday, November 13, 2004

Team or Self: What do hiring managers seek?

Fortune Magazine ran an online story entitled "What do hiring managers really want" by Annie Fisher. She reports that a recent "Pittsburgh-based HR consulting firm Development Dimensions International" study "...discovered that 75% want employees who work well in a team setting. Only 20% cited individual ambition as a desirable trait."

This seems like an intuitive result, where team is valued in corporate settings more than ever. The key take away from this study; your resume should include aspects of successful team behavior and leadership qualities. Identify teams that you lead and their ultimate success are desirable for hiring managers.

The study further reports that 57% of respondents "...say they'd turn thumbs down on inarticulate candidates or those who are vague about their previous experience...". DUH - I would have expected this to be nearly 100% for professionals. The take-away here; be prepared to discuss your professional experiences with brevity and clarity.

And toss in how you performed as a team member or as it's leader.

Click here for the full article.

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