Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Unhappy at work, but unwilling to change

A recent telephone survey of 2600 respondents indicates that while many American workers are unhappy with their jobs, the condition of the current job market precludes them from moving on.

The article also describes the growing prevalence of blogs as a way of sharing one's gripes about work:

With more than 2.5 million blogs online for all the world to see, this trend can create numerous legal problems, warns Michael D. Karpeles, head of the labor and employment law group with the Chicago law firm Goldberg Kohn Bell Black Rosenbloom & Moritz Ltd.

"The biggest problems can arise when employees ... accidentally or deliberately reveal proprietary information, vent frustrations with company policies or a particular manager or executive, or otherwise publish information that the company would prefer to keep internal," Karpeles said.

Many companies are still trying to sort through the new terrain and answer some tough questions:
  • Does it matter if the blogger is writing from work or home?
  • Do First Amendment free-speech rights apply?
  • Is it legal to broadcast embarrassing company information, as long as it's true?
Karpeles noted another potential headache, this one for the workers -- future employers might be leery of hiring a prolific workplace blogger.
What do you think?

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