Monday, August 09, 2004

How to earn a few extra Bucks by cleaning out your Basement

Okay, so it's the middle of summer and you're still unemployed. Why not earn a few extra bucks by cleaning out your basement or scouring the weekend yard sales in your neighborhood?

True story: Last weekend, I went to the Mountain Forums For Peace group yard sale at the Community Center. Traditionally, they have lots of good stuff, cheap. There, I found in a box of miscellaneous kitchen junk 3 old metal ice cube trays for 10 cents each. I placed them on eBay auctions with a starting bid of $7.99. They ended up closing at $15.50 plus shipping.

Now, obviously everything you find at a yard sale won't have this great a result - the key is to know what to look for and what to pay. A good general rule is to try to buy things for less than a dollar that you think you can sell for more than 5 bucks. It will cost you about 60 cents to list the item for a week, plus you pay eBay a % fee based on the final selling price. In the example cited above, then, my total costs on this item were about $1.68, leaving me a profit of $13.82. Plus the buyer covered my shipping costs.

If anyone would like more information on how to sell on eBay, please contact me. You can
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