Monday, April 12, 2004

Job Search Links
[via email from Mark Carey]

I received this email from Mark Carey recently, and I wanted to pass the information along to fellow job seekers:

Hi Dan,

I not applying to become a contributor, as I don't feel that I would be able to meet the "post regularly" rule. But I do want to let you know of a couple of new web sites that you may want to talk about in your blog:

Career MetaSearch -
A new job search site that focuses exclusively on employer-only postings
(no recruiters).

Job Search Blogs -
Just two days old, this site offers free blogs to job seekers. I believe that blogs can really act as an extended resume, showing employers a lot more than a boring resume. A community aspect of the site is planned: an aggregated view of all bloggers' entries in a forum-like view, enabling job seekers to discuss their job search efforts.

I am developing the second site for a client (Career MetaSearch, the first link above). If you feel that either or both of these sites are worthy of mention, it would be greatly appreciated to help get the word out (addition to your blogroll would be great too, of course :) ) Alternatively, I could write a "one time" article about Job Search Blogs,
if that interests you.



Ps. Great blog!
Thanks, Mark, for the information!

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