Wednesday, February 11, 2004

When You Don't Know Anybody

What if you recently moved to a new city or town and don't know anybody with whom to network? After all, networking is key to getting a job.

Marvin Walberg recommends volunteer work and special interest groups.

I'm not sure whether the link I've referenced above is going to last, so allow me to do some pasting from the article:

Volunteering is a wonderful way to meet new people, demonstrate workplace skills, network like crazy and get the good feeling of helping others. And every community needs volunteers.

How do you find out what's available in the world of volunteering in your city? Go to your main public library, chamber of commerce or any hospital system. You will find a plethora of opportunities, and from a "building your resume" perspective, volunteer work is work and counts in the experience column. It really doesn't matter that you do it for free.

Everyone has interests aside from the workaday world. How about you? Do you like bowling, bird watching, table tennis or wood carving? In most cities you can obtain a listing of special interest groups at your public library.

Understand that networking is universal. Just because someone knows nothing about what you do for a living doesn't mean he or she can't lead you to others who do. Just be prepared to introduce yourself and give a clear, understandable explanation of what you do, or want to do, for a living. Then, show up for meetings and smile. The rest will happen almost automatically.

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