Monday, January 19, 2004

Right Job, Wrong Job - Personality test to find the right career for you

Tickle, by eMode, is a social networking web site that is chock full of personality tests (like what kind of dog you would be if you were a dog, of course), including this one on finding the career that's right for you.

The career test does return your personality type, although it wasn't as specific as I expected it to be. For example, it told me that I should get a job that allows me to be Analytical and Creative (no surprise there), but didn't tell me specifically which jobs fit that bill. Apparently, to get a list of jobs, I would have to request (purchase) their Personalized Career Report for $14.95. So, while the site can be a kick (and a break from the day-to-day of your job search), I don't recommend giving them a dime. Unless of course, you're just looking to squander some money on the web (then, boy, do I have some web sites for you!) ;-p

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