Wednesday, January 14, 2004

LinkedIn: Home

"Through the real-world business successes of its users, LinkedIn has demonstrated that even established executives increase their business effectiveness and career success by using a referral-based professional networking tool. LinkedIn not only enables professionals to discover inside connections they never knew they had, but also allows them to receive referrals to deal makers, hiring managers and other highly sought-after executives through the people they already know and trust."

"While online job boards have become popular, they rarely work for job seekers, and hiring managers are overwhelmed with resumes and “cold” emails from strangers. LinkedIn is the only tool that mirrors the most successful process for finding a job and hiring employees and contractors: it allows both job seekers and hiring managers to find each other through referrals from their real-world connections."

Check it out, and if you do decide to sign up, please feel free to add me to your personal network, by sending me your contact information.

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