Friday, December 12, 2003

VistaPrint Free Business Cards

When you're out networking for your next job contact, it's a good idea to have a personal business card handy. One method I've seen which is particularly interesting is to include sort of a mini-resume - some bulleted highlights of your specific job skills or areas of expertise.

The essentials to include on a networking business card include:
Email address
Web site (where hopefully a description of your talents and your resume can be found)
Depending on your area of expertise, including a title or functional area might also be a good idea (i.e. Marketing Professional, Quality Specialist, Technical Consultant, etc.).

Re: the above noted URL, VistaPrint offers "free" business cards for the cost of shipping only (about $5), but these cards do include a text ad for vistaprint on the back. You can also print up cards on your personal printer (ok as long as you have a real paper cutter - the perforated edges on preprinted business card stock a la Paper Direct is sort of tacky), or check out your local Kinko's or Mailboxes Etc for low cost card printing options.

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