Sunday, December 14, 2003

Advice From Successful Job Seekers: Don't Neglect Your Network

by Caroline Levchuck (via My Yahoo! Daily Tip)

Curtis Potter wasn't even actively seeking full-time work when he was appointed creative director of an advertising agency. He credits his new job to his solid professional network.

Potter had left his most recent job on good terms and had stayed in touch with his boss when he moved cross-country.

"I would visit whenever I went back to the West Coast and have dinner with him when he came to New York," said Potter.

Potter also built a strong network in and around New York City.

"A former colleague from a local agency called me and told me about the opening, and I sent my resume in. She talked me up to her bosses and they reviewed my resume. It turned out that they knew my previous employer," said Potter.

"I had two strong references going for me -- a former colleague and a former boss. The agency interviewed tons of people, but I think these connections made all the difference," said Potter.
This is great news.

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