Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Worst Jobs You've Ever Had

I suppose that it's not uncommon for anyone to take a job that, for whatever reason, becomes like a "thorn in the flesh." Sometimes these jobs are necessary just to make ends meet; one might even call them "survival jobs."

These jobs are are the ones that, long after leaving them, we often reflect on them and say, "That was one of the worst jobs I've ever had."

Rasmus recently started a new job, and he's mentioned that the work schedule is placing a heavy burden on his ability to stay up with his ability to succeed at school:

I have a simple job: Wipe that desk, vacuum this floor, clean this bathroom. Anyone can do it and the pay is fair. But six hours five days a week is affecting my schoolwork. I'm not home 'til midnight, and though I'm extremely tired, I still need an hour or so to settle down. At school, I'm so tired, I can hardly finish a sentence, much less listen to what anyone else have to say, and doing projects is out of the question. It's not working.
His experience reminded me of a job I had as a security guard while in college. I initially took the job because I would have time to sit and do homework. But I soon realized that it would be an extreme test of endurance and stamina.

After a full day of school on Friday, which began at 7 AM, I went to a part-time job at a hardware store from 5 PM to 9 PM. Immediately after that, I went to my security post, and I worked from 11 PM to 11 AM on Saturday

By the time I returned home, I'd been awake for almost 29 hours straight. All I could do was sleep until I had to wake up to go back to the 11 PM to 11 AM thing from Saturday night to Sunday morning.

I had a different post that I would go to from about 11:30 PM Sunday night through 8:30 AM Monday.

While I learned a lot about myself during this time, I'd still have to say that it was one of the worst jobs I've ever had.

>> What about you? What are some of the worst jobs you've ever had? (No company names, please.) You can leave your comments here or send me an email at danimal0416 at yahoo dot com. I will assume that your comments are worthy of posting here unless you specify otherwise.

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Cindy said...

I was a nurse at this terrible hospital. The patients were demanding and the families were rude. I decided to find another job at a different hospital, and I love it. Sometimes, you should switch companies to make a positive change.