Friday, November 14, 2003

Seasonal Employment, Part 1

We've been slowly unpacking the rest of our stuff. I say 'we', but I really mean my wife Jennie. One of the items she found is fond reminder of a job I had at Christmastime while in college.

A clipping from the December 24, 1993 front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer contains a photo of me. The caption under the photo reads as follows:

Dan Johnson, Jr., a senior at the University of Cincinnati, helps Logan Abner, 2, put money into the [Salvation Army] kettle at the Madeira Kroger store Thursday. Johnson plays the saxophone to lure donations.
The photo was taken by Glenn Hartong, and it shows me bundled up, wearing a Santa cap, with my alto saxophone hanging from my neck, helping Logan put his coins into the kettle.

I remember that job fondly. I needed it to have money for rent and stuff. The folks at the Madeira Kroger warmly welcomed my music. Every so often, as I would get cold, I'd go inside for a break. The crew of cashiers would ask me to play "O Holy Night" for them. I did, and everyone applauded. I was grateful to be able to cheer them up.

I also recall being encouraged by one of my friends' mom. I actually knew her because she took a class with me in college. She lived in Madeira, and once, on her way out of the store, she handed me a cookie and cup of hot chocolate. How very thoughtful!

I read in this past Sunday's classifieds that the Salvation Army is looking for talented musicians to man their kettles again this year. It something to consider.

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logan said...

Hey Dan,

Im logan and i have seen this photo of us a few times in the past couple of years. Glad i could help you out haha

-Logan Abner