Friday, October 10, 2003

Keeping in Touch

In general I think I've done a poor job in keeping in touch with people from high school, college, and former workplaces. Yet I'm beginning to see some changes to that, thanks to the ability to develop and maintain a web presence. The most recent example follows.

I recently posted something about one of my former college classmates in my blog "Journey Inside My Mind." The post refers to a band he was the drummer for, called "Deus Ex Machina." I checked that blog's referrer logs, and I saw that someone did a Google Search for his name.

I wondered if he had done the search on himself (I do this sometimes, too.), and thought that maybe I could track him down if he has any other internet presence. It turned out that he does. He's a drummer for a different band now, called "Chrome." I sent him a quick email, and I look forward to his reply.

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