Tuesday, October 21, 2003

How's It Going?

I've been browsing some other folks' blogs, and I've noticed that two of the folks on my blogroll (not the one for this blog, but for the others) are looking for work. One lives in England, and the other lives in Denmark.

Rasmus, the fellow from Denmark, writes:

I seriously and without a doubt need some extra income. I'm not at the point, where I'm seriously considering the many offers, I recieve by spam-mail, but almost!
This got me to start thinking about different things I've done to raise money and other odd jobs I've had.

I remember, in 1998, I had a technical interview at a local restaurant just after having donated plasma. I had the bandage wrap and everything. I had been trying to get a job at this consulting company, and I think that the interviewer might have simply had pity on me, having seen the extent I went to get money. Whatever the case, I got the job.

In college I responded to an ad in the campus newspaper from a downtown department store looking for folks to play Santa during the Christmas season. Yes, Virginia, I was Santa Claus! (chuckles to self)

What are some things you have done to get a job or produce income for yourself?

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