Monday, October 20, 2003

The Commute

I read in a recent copy of the Dayton Business Journal that the Dayton area is one of the best areas in the country as far as commuting times is concerned. I also recall hearing that Atlanta is one of the worst.

Commuting distance is definitely something to consider in your job search. Relocation may or may not be feasible, and the total amount of travel time during the day can be prohibitive in some cases. Or not.

Not since I was in college have I had a job where I didn't need to drive at least a half hour to work. It was great to take the bus where I needed to go and not have to pay attention to traffic, etc.

For my first job out of college, I travelled one hour one way to work for almost three years. When I got a consulting job, we moved halfway between the consulting territory, yet I still had assignments that meant at least a 40-minute commute.

Of course, if you work from home or telecommute, your commuting time is only the time from the bedroom to the office or wherever you do your work!

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