Friday, September 05, 2003

Staying Networked

Here's an article that offers some tips on how to keep your network alive. This is good advice for any aspect of business or -- if I can reach a little bit -- life in general. I touched on this a little yesterday, but I found the words of another to add to it:

What a lot of people don’t recognize, until they are faced with a job search, is that it pays to stay networked —particularly in good times, when you don’t feel the need as much to keep in touch. Staying networked on a regular basis will put you steps ahead of everyone else who has not remained connected when it comes time for a job search or getting the information or resources you need.
In the meantime, too, you'll probably find some way to help someone else along the way.

It's hard for me to pinpoint exact instances in which this blog has helped someone get a job, but I know that you're out there reading it. When I started it in July 2002 my intention was to find information that would be helpful to me in my own job search and then share it with others via this "network." Anyhow... go read the article already! ;)

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