Tuesday, August 26, 2003

More Publicity Deserves Reciprocation

I'm at the library, checking email and going through the referral logs, all during my one-hour allotted timeframe. Our home PC is still being serviced, so I have to blog at the library in the meantime. I'm also working as a bartender, which you may be aware of from the archives. I bring this up so that you can understand why there may be a long lapse in blogging.

I've been checking the referrer log, and the statistics are higher than ever! :) I'd like to give a welcome to those of you visiting from Monster.com's Vent page.

I'd also like to say thanks to Scott over at JobSeekersAdvice.com, for his encouraging words. Specifically:

Anyone know of decent blogs out there?

Some can hold a wealth of information - the people behind them tend to be very dedicated to the subject area.

Others suck and are no more than uninformed rants!

Here are a couple I´d recommend:

Get that Job

Where I found this Wired article about fake job postings.

Another for the web designers out there is Debra Paynter's Promotional Strategy Blog - a frank look at web promotion strategies.

Anyone else got a few to add? (they dont have to be career related!
Thanks, Scott, and you've been added to the Blogroll!

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