Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Men At Overwork

This Newsweek article discusses how today's soaring productivity has been holding back job growth in an economy that's finally recovering. I just saw the link, but I only gave it a quick scan, deciding it was worth linking to here.

Let me know what you think.

More Publicity Deserves Reciprocation

I'm at the library, checking email and going through the referral logs, all during my one-hour allotted timeframe. Our home PC is still being serviced, so I have to blog at the library in the meantime. I'm also working as a bartender, which you may be aware of from the archives. I bring this up so that you can understand why there may be a long lapse in blogging.

I've been checking the referrer log, and the statistics are higher than ever! :) I'd like to give a welcome to those of you visiting from Monster.com's Vent page.

I'd also like to say thanks to Scott over at JobSeekersAdvice.com, for his encouraging words. Specifically:

Anyone know of decent blogs out there?

Some can hold a wealth of information - the people behind them tend to be very dedicated to the subject area.

Others suck and are no more than uninformed rants!

Here are a couple I´d recommend:

Get that Job

Where I found this Wired article about fake job postings.

Another for the web designers out there is Debra Paynter's Promotional Strategy Blog - a frank look at web promotion strategies.

Anyone else got a few to add? (they dont have to be career related!
Thanks, Scott, and you've been added to the Blogroll!

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Greater Dayton IT Alliance Job Postings

Worth a look.

Tech Thursday Networking Event

This Thursday, August 21, 2003, there will be another casual networking event at Buffalo Wild Wings in Sugarcreek, Ohio (greater Dayton area) to again highlight their new wireless capabilities, sponsored by Latitude Communications. Bring your laptops!

See the link above for more details and directions.

via email from the Greater Dayton IT Alliance (GDITA)

Monday, August 18, 2003

A Career in Forensics Might Interest You

The popularity of CBS's CSI has generated an increased interest of those looking at a career in Forensics, as this article from AP's Entertainment wire discusses:

Chemistry labs and criminal justice programs are what's cool on campus these days, as "CSI" — the nation's top-rated show last season — and its spinoff "CSI: Miami," which ranked 14th in the Nielsen ratings, have created a whirlwind of interest in forensic sciences.

Thanks for Visiting

I just saw the site statistics report for this past week. I'm blown away and encouraged to no end by all the visitors - over 300 this past week! Please contact me if there is something you'd like to see more of. I can be reached via the mail link on the Archive page. Or you can just email me at danimal0416 at yahoo dot com.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Career Planning, Step-by-Step

Maybe I need to check this article out, too.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

RSSJobs Home

Searching for a job via the internet just became a little more efficient:

Are you looking for a new job? Are you using the internet? Do you have search agents saved on Monster, Dice, HotJobs, and countless others? Do you have the time and patience to weed through all the job listings on all the job boards you would like to check on a daily basis?

Imagine creating all of your search agents in one place, and viewing the results all at once. Imagine knowing at a glance which listings are new, and which you have already seen. Imagine spending less time checking more job boards than you do now. Imagine doing this throughout the day, when you want to, and on your schedule.

RSSJobs allows you to create and save searches for Monster, Dice, HotJobs,and more in one location, then delivers the results to your favorite RSS Reader.

Monday, August 04, 2003

I Got That Job!

Now working: Dan Johnson, Jr.! Where, you ask? Here: Hope Hotel & Conference Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

President Bush's Weekly Radio Address for August 2, 2003

In President Bush's weekly radio address to the nation this past weekend, he spoke mainly of how the economy is behaving, and commented specifically about job-creation and unemployment, among other things. I've included some exerpts from his address below, but you may want to read the entire text yourself:

This week, we received some encouraging news on the economy. The nation's economy grew faster than expected in the second quarter.


Yet this week's employment report also shows that many Americans who want to work are still having trouble finding a job. My administration is acting to promote faster growth to encourage the creation of new jobs. The key to job growth is higher demand for goods and services. With higher demand, businesses are more likely to hire new employees.

The best way to promote growth and job creation is to leave more money in the pockets of households and small businesses, instead of taxing it away. So we lowered income tax rates, cut taxes on dividends and capital gains, reduced the marriage penalty and increased the child tax credit. This week, the checks for up to $400 per child started arriving in the mailboxes of American families. That money will help American families move the economy forward.

We have also taken action to help small businesses, who are the job creators of America. We increased tax incentives for equipment purchases, giving small businesses an additional reason to invest. More orders for machinery and equipment means more jobs. And more business investment can lead to greater worker productivity, which helps raise worker wages.

We are starting to see results from our actions. My administration's economists believe that if we had not passed tax relief, our unemployment rate would have been nearly one percentage point higher, and as many as 1.5 million Americans would not have the jobs they have today.


America's economy has challenges, and I will not be satisfied until every American looking for work can find a job. By steady, persistent action, we are preparing the way for vigorous growth and more jobs. I have confidence in our economic future, because I have confidence in the people whose effort and creativity make this economy run -- the workers and the entrepreneurs of America.

Saturday, August 02, 2003


Monster.com offers you a place to vent your job search frustrations via their Vent site. This blog is listed on that page. I guess they consider it worthy. Feel free to vent here, too. I know I do.

Get That Job! - Record Number of Visits in July!

I just checked the referrer log. We had a record number of visits here in July! Too cool. Hopefully you're finding something helpful. Let me know what you think!

GE Jobline

A friend of mine works at a local General Electric outfit. She emailed me their jobline phone number: 1-800-634-5518

Ten Songs for Job Seekers

MSN Careers examines ten songs that apply to job seekers. Interesting. Which one describes you?

Friday, August 01, 2003

And Then There's This

"Today's drop in the unemployment rate is positive and surpasses market expectations. The drop in the labor force is due primarily to seasonal factors.

"We are encouraged by the steadily declining four-week moving average of new unemployment insurance claims, which also shows that job losses are slowing down significantly.

"We can also see where the new jobs are being created, such as temporary help services, which tends to be a leading indicator that signals stronger, more widespread job growth in the future. Other areas with job growth include leisure and hospitality, financial activities and, for the fifth straight month, construction."

-- Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao on July unemployment numbers released today, August 1, 2003

via U.S. Newswire


John, who was recently "downsized" from a software company, followed President Bush's economic team (Treasury Secretary John Snow and Commerce Secretary Don Evans) around this week and even was able to talk to Snow directly:

"What's your story?" Snow says.

I tell him I was laid off last week and saw that he was coming and I thought it was important to come here and let him see the reality of what's going on in today's economy.

"What industry were you in?"

"Most recently the software industry."

"That's a particularly vulnerable part of the economy."

"Yes, well, I need a new job and it doesn't look good."

"Just wait," he said. "The first tax cuts haven't really taken effect. So just wait... the second tax cut... well, it won't hit the economy for several months, but I'm sure you'll get a job."

"But, but... we've already lost over 900,000 jobs just since March first... a job at Wal-Mart just won't support my family."

"Just wait, I'm sure you'll find a job."

At that moment the car in front of me pulled ahead for their order and John stepped back from my window. The SS agents signalled for me to pull ahead.

"Just wait?!" I've got a $350 payment for this minivan, a morgage and two kids! Here's a guy who drives a few hundred miles to see you, four days after he's been laid off, and you tell him to "just wait?"

Boy I'd like to see those words on a PR banner behind Snow at the podium:
Jobs and Growth: Just Wait.
Secretary Snow later mentioned the conversation to reporters.

I found out about this story via Metapop.