Saturday, July 26, 2003

More Job Seekers Are Trying To Hide Their Ages

According to a recent article in USA Today, a survey conducted by the online job board HotJobs reveals that many older job seekers are omitting dates or work experience from their resumes, while others are opting for hair coloration products, or, in some cases, cosmetic surgery, to make themselves appear younger to potential employers. Take resume fudging, for example:

Some career strategists push job applicants to omit dates from résumés. Career coach Kathy Sanborn routinely advises clients to omit graduation dates and list only the last 10 years of their work history.
Be careful, though, as such tactics can backfire. Some hiring managers may see omissions in work experience as another reason to remove the resume from their pile.

This begs an important question, which I offer to you, gentle readers and job seekers:
How do you go about placing enough work experience (if you have a lot of it) on your resume while keeping it to an appropriate length, usually a maximum of two pages?

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