Thursday, June 26, 2003

More Job Changes I received this email from a friend and brother in Christ who drives a truck for a living. He periodically sends out broadcast updates. The latest is below:

Hi there, brothers/sisters!

I have some changes going on. After some advice from brothers online, I decided to change to another company. The reasons:
  • Opportunity. This company will allow me to deliver refridgerated items (can't with Werner). Plus, I will be able to deliver to Canada!
  • Income. By doing so, I will make more per mile than now.
  • New business. After 30 days with this company, I can lease my own truck, and make far more, as an Independent Contractor (aka Small-Business Owner).
  • Downside. Yes, there is one. Because of the expenses while running my own business, I will be driving 48-state for at least a couple years.

So, I will be home for several days starting around the 4th, switching from one job to another. I pray God gives you more job opportunities also!


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